Locating suitable Tempe soccer fields can be challenging. Some popular ones, like Tempe Sports Complex or Bennedict Soccer Complex, cater primarily to youth leagues. Consequently, we aim to pinpoint fields for our players to potentially reserve or access via the City of Tempe.  Therefore giving our adult soccer players more options to play in the city.

Below is a list of popular soccer fields:

  • Tempe Sports Complex
  • Kiwanis Soccer fields
  • Benedict Sports Complex
  • Daley Park
  • Jaycee Park
  • Clark Park
  • Hudson Park
  • Meyer Park
  • Mitchell Park

A major soccer complex in Tempe is the Tempe Sports Complex.  This park has several soccer fields that you can reserve.  The field quality is decent for Arizona.  It will be rare to find a soccer field in pristine condition.

Benedict Soccer Complex is another park with several soccer fields available for rent in the City of Tempe.  The park has gone through several enhancements over the years and is a decent play to play soccer. 

There are several other fields that we mentioned earlier in on the page.  The two main ones that our Friday night coed league uses are Tempe Sports Complex and Bennedict Soccer complex.  If there is a field that you feel is exceptional or usually a great place for adult soccer players to get a good soccer match on let us know.  

We’re constantly seeking ways to enhance the site. Additionally, we aim to promote various soccer locations to our players. If you’re aware of any such places, please do let us know by reaching out.

We continually strive to enhance the website and promote different places where our players can enjoy a game of soccer. If you are aware of any such locations, kindly reach out to us.

If you have any questions simple contact us at our page.