Soccer Rosters

Here on our soccer roster page, you can explore the current lineups for each team. We’ve organized the rosters to include both first and last names, along with jersey numbers, making it easy to identify players during the game. The rosters are updated regularly to reflect any changes or new additions to the teams.

Do not see your name on the roster???  Only those that paid have the honor of being placed on the roster.

To ensure fair play, only those listed on the roster are allowed to participate in the games. If your name is not on the roster, you must obtain permission from the opposing team to play. Once you have their approval, please inform the league so you can join the game.

Remember to complete the online waiver, sign and then acknowledge the email:

Gold Label

NameJersey No
Artur Ponce
Breea Kindred
Chelsey Gates
Chet Joshi
Elizabeth Douglas
Ellen Lagerman
Erin OConnor
Haley Ferguson
Harry Feldman
Henry Chung
joanna kelley
Kassidy Shipman
Katherine Burris
Kayla Golonka
Lorrie McCaster
Mark Nichols
Molly Enenbach
Phillip Montgomery
Quetzalcoatl Rosales
Rex L Liu
Saad Elaqad
Sawraj Hundal