Soccer Player Responsibilities

Soccer Player Responsibilities:

The Phoenix Adult Soccer League is designed to be a fun, casual league.   Keeping that in mind we drafted up a Player Responsibilities and Obligations page to highlight some of the main points.  Everyone playing in the league or participating in any events need to read and follow the items below.


Completing the waiver document is the responsibility for every participant in the Phoenix Adult Soccer League to complete a waiver form and submit it to the league. Playing sports is physically demanding and there’s always a chance for injury. Anyone who participates in a league, event, or contest assumes this risk and they need to sign a waiver. If you have any concerns, then let the league know. 

PASL Waiver


Participants do get injured on occasion and we do not want anyone playing without proper insurance. There are short-term policies that individuals can obtain at reasonable rates; simply contact your insurance broker. If you have a hard time finding a policy you can notify the league and we will guide you in the right direction.  Conversely, if you have or know of good insurance you can let the league know so we can pass it along to everyone.


Love them, hate them, doesn’t matter much because you have to respect them. We’re talking about the officials. If you have an issue with an official alert the league and we will address your concern. Just keep in mind that officials are humans and they do make mistakes and its part of the Soccer Player Responsibilities to let us know if there are any concerns.


We strive to ensure a safe playing environment.  If the fields or a player is acting in an unsafe manner then report it to the league.  Do not casually mention it to an official; make sure the league is aware of your concerns.  We run a casual league and will ban anyone that shows signs of unsportsmanlike behavior and fix unsafe playing conditions.