Soccer Free Agent Registration

We strive to respond to your questions and work on getting you on the field in a timely manner to play the sport you want.  Just keep in mind we process hundreds of free agents each season and our response times will vary.  We do have a small staff looking at the emails but even with that we’re still overwhelmed with all the individuals that are looking to play in the league.  Completing the soccer free agent registration form will help start you on our journey to joining the soccer league.

If you have any questions simply ask:


Thankfully we get inundated with soccer-loving individuals eager to get on the field.  Unfortunately, we do need to work full-time jobs to pay the bills.  This is a bad combinatio

n because it does delay us getting back to each individual soccer loving player.  Therefore we do request patience as we process your request.   We do not mind friendly reminders about wanting to play because we understand your desire.

We also have a web page with more information for soccer free agents.  Soccer Free Agent Page



Before playing soccer you will need to complete a waiver.  Playing soccer has physical demands on the body and at times individuals might get hurt.  The injury might be as simple as twisting your ankle or pulling a muscle due to lack of proper stretching.  Therefore everyone needs to sign a waiver stating they understand the risk.

PASL Waiver


Phoenix Adult Soccer League does NOT have full medical coverage for our soccer players.  We can help with suggestions getting you accidental coverage to help cover medical bills if you ask.  Yet you are responsible for getting the coverage and ensuring it is right for you.  

Here’s one resource website to help minimize injuries.  Please take time to look for others and take appropriate care.

Soccer Registration Form

Complete the form below to get entered into our soccer free agent registration system.  We use the information from this form to notify players of upcoming seasons.