Adult Coed Soccer League

Our Friday night adult coed league is designed to allow both casual and skilled adult players a chance to get out on the field and run around. The refs we use have been officiating adult soccer games for years and do well applying rules of the game while letting our players enjoy themselves.

The Friday coed league is slightly different than other soccer leagues. We require a minimum of five women players whereas other adult soccer leagues have a lower requirement for women soccer players in their leagues. You can have more than five women players on the pitch at any time. If you only have four women players then you will need to play down a play, yet if you only have five men soccer players you can play additional women players.

Please remember that coed adult soccer is a contact sport at times. We do try and limit physical play because the league is casual, yet injuries can happen so we strongly suggest each player have insurance.  You can purchase a short-term policy on your own, the league’s insurance is liability only.  We also require players to complete a waiver before playing.

If you would like to join our Friday night coed league then send us an email or sign up on our soccer free agent page.

To join contact

Two women soccer players

D1 Soccer League Champions!

Sporting FC!!!

Sporting FC champions friday coed league

D2 Soccer League Champions!

Cyclones FC!

Coed Friday Night champions, Cyclones FC!


  • I pledge to STAY INFORMED and follow instructions from medical professionals.
  • I pledge to be HONEST about my health and tell others if I am experiencing any symptoms.
  • I pledge to do my best to ADHERE to the recommendations for good hygiene and social distancing.
  • I pledge to be RESPONSIBLE to myself, my family, my team, and my community.
  • I pledge to PLAY ON safely when I feel comfortable and ready to return and encourage others to do the same.


  • Heavy sweating
  • Cold, pale, and clammy skin
  • Fast, weak pulse
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Muscle cramps
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Fatigue/Weakness Dizziness Confusion

Division 1 standings and Golden boot

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Group A
Human BeehiveYellow502189920
Sporting ChancePurple160818-103
Group B
Shake N BakeBlack3311519-410
Boom CityPink3401519-49

Player NameTeam NameTotal Goals
Sino RushamovHuman Beehive11
Isiah GarayCyclones FC10
Carlos MendezBoom City9
Omar CastilloShake N Bake8
Dylan BarajasGalacticos6
Luka StefanctoSporting Chance FC3
Jordan HaukHuman Beehive2
Frank MeniccaBoom City2
Nabil ChagamCyclones FC2
Jenna ZuberiCyclones FC2
Jamella MolinarGalacticos2
Valente JaimesGalacticos2
Eleni PappasShake N Bake2
Ben DanielsShake N Bake2
Johnny MessiSporting Chance FC2
Cameron MeyerHuman Beehive1
Riley HutchinsonHuman Beehive1
Keith ShaullHuman Beehive1
Dhillon TisdaleHuman Beehive1
Juan MendezBoom City1
Kathy RaygozaBoom City1
Ivan MendezBoom City1
AmericaCyclones FC1
LouisCyclones FC1
AbelCyclones FC1
Amelia TalkingtonGalacticos1
Denny Galacticos1
Jordan PletzerGalacticos1
Wyatt LingdalGalacticos1
Carrigan SablikShake N Bake1
Grace BrushadShake N Bake1
Tyler StangelShake N Bake1
Dev BhangaliSporting Chance FC1
Anders MelbergSporting Chance FC1
Bryan SotoSporting Chance FC1

Division 2 standings and Golden boot

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Group A
AZ Red DevilsRed61027131418
Game of Throw InsWhite5112371616
Skull CrushersGrey2411529-147
Group B
Grinch FCGreen4302217512
Gold LabelGold241817-97
Team GalaxyBlue0611325-121

Player NameTeam NameTotal Goals
Gustavo LopezGame of Throw-Ins19
Corwyn BaldonAZ Red Devils8
Dawson PenickAZ Red Devils7
Max MagaraGrinch FC6
Armando MontesTeam Galaxy5
Chris GarciaTeam Galaxy5
Omar Al-A-AiiSkull Crushers4
Luis OrtizGrinch FC3
Alex BosworthGrinch FC3
Saif SalahSkull Crushers3
Dylan ChatwalakesSkull Crushers3
Carter WarrenSkull Crushers3
Manuela GiorgiamoAZ Red Devils2
KalimAZ Red Devils2
QGold Label2
Erin O’ConnorGold Label2
Elias CabezasGrinch FC2
Dario MendozaGrinch FC2
Haley JohnsonSkull Crushers2
Leah HollandSkull Crushers2
Pat AgopianTeam Galaxy2
Hunter PenickAZ Red Devils1
MauricioAZ Red Devils1
ErickAZ Red Devils1
Javier ValenciaAZ Red Devils1
Saad ElaqadGold Label1
Arturo PonceGold Label1
Rex LiuGold Label1
KasseyGold Label1
Harry FeldmanGrinch FC1
Steadman PetrikakasGrinch FC1
Austin ColcordGrinch FC1
Mel StockerSkull Crushers1
RitwickTeam Galaxy1
Alberto HernandezGame of Throw-Ins1
Irving FuentesGame of Throw-Ins1
Keyli LawrenceGame of Throw-Ins1
Alejandro GarciaGame of Throw-Ins1
AbyGame of Throw-Ins1
Megan FosterGame of Throw-Ins1

Friday night coed schedule

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DateTimeTeamsPark / ScoreField / Points
5-Apr6:20pmGalácticos at Cyclones FC4 – 13 / 0
5-Apr6:20pmSkull Crushers at Gold Label3 – 13 / 0
5-Apr6:20pmBoom City at Shake & Bake4 – 23 / 0
5-Apr8:10pmSporting Chance at Human Beehive0 – 20 / 3
5-Apr8:10pmTeam Galaxy at Grinch FC0 – 30 / 3
5-Apr8:10pmAZ Red Devils at Game of Throw-Ins4 – 13 / 0
New Park: Quail Run in Mesa
12-Apr6:20pmGalácticos at Sporting Chance2 – 03 / 0
12-Apr8:10pmGame of Throw-Ins at Grinch FC5 – 13 / 0
New Park: Lehi park in Mesa
19-Apr6:20pmSkull Crushers at AZ Red Devils0 – 50 / 3
19-Apr6:20pmGold Label at Team Galaxy1 – 03 / 0
19-Apr8:10pmHuman Beehive at Shake & Bake1 – 1 1 / 1
19-Apr8:10pmCyclones FC at Boom City3 – 4 0 / 3
New Park: Benedict Park
26-Apr6:20pmGame of Throw-Ins at Skull Crushers2 – 21 / 1
26-Apr6:20pmTeam Galaxy at AZ Red Devils2 – 30 / 3
26-Apr6:20pmGrinch FC at Gold Label5 – 13 / 0
26-Apr8:10pmHuman Beehive at Galácticos1 – 11 / 1
26-Apr8:10pmBoom City at Sporting Chance1 – 30 / 3
26-Apr8:10pmShake & Bake at Cyclones FC3 – 13 / 0
3-May6:20pmSkull Crushers at Team Galaxy9 – 63 / 0
3-May6:20pmAZ Red Devils at Game of Throw-Ins1 – 80 / 3
3-May6:20pmGrinch FC at Gold Label1 – 30 / 3
3-May8:10pmGalácticos at Boom City0 – 10 / 3
3-May8:10pmSporting Chance at Human Beehive3 – 50 / 3
3-May8:10pmShake & Bake at Cyclones FC1 – 40 / 3
10-May6:20pmHuman Beehive at Galácticos2 – 13 / 0
10-May6:20pmShake & Bake at Sporting Chance3 – 23 / 0
10-May6:20pmCyclones FC at Boom City5 – 33 / 0
10-May8:10pmGame of Throw-Ins at Skull Crushers4 – 13 / 0
10-May8:10pmGrinch FC at AZ Red Devils2 – 30 / 3
10-May8:10pmGold Label at Team Galaxy2 – 21 / 1
17-May6:20pmSkull Crushers at AZ Red Devils0 – 8 0 / 3
17-May6:20pmGame of Throw-Ins at Gold Label3 – 03 / 0
17-May6:20pmTeam Galaxy at Grinch FC3 – 50 / 3
17-May8:10pmGalácticos at Sporting Chance2 – 03 / 0
17-May8:10pmHuman Beehive at Cyclones FC5 – 33 – 0
17-May8:10pmBoom City at Shake & Bake2 – 40 / 3
24-MayMemorial Weekend – No Games
Park Change: Tempe Sports Complex
31-May6:20pmGalácticos at Shake & Bake5 – 13 / 0
31-May6:20pmSporting Chance at Cyclones FC0 – 30 / 3
31-May6:20pmHuman Beehive at Boom City2 – 03 / 0
31-May8:10pmSkull Crushers at Grinch FC2 – 50 / 3
31-May8:10pmAZ Red Devils at Gold Label3 / 03 / 0
31-May8:10pmGame of Throw-Ins at Team Galaxy2 – 03 / 0
Park Change: Benedict Soccer Complex
1st week of playoffs
7-Jun6:20pmG1: D1: Human Beehive vs Boom City FCHuman Beehive won
7-Jun6:20pmG2: D1: Galacticos vs Shake N BakeGalacticos won
7-Jun8:10pmG3: D2: AZ Red Devils vs Gold LabelAZ Red Devils won
7-Jun8:10pmG4: D2: Game of Throw-Ins vs Grinch FCGame of Throw-Ins won
Championship Week
14-Jun6:20pmD1 Championship: Human Beehive vs GalactiosBenedict ParkField #4
14-Jun6:20pmD1: Wooden Spoon: Sporting Chance vs Cyclones FCBenedict ParkField #5
14-Jun8:10pmD2 Championship: AZ Red Devils FC vs Game of Throw-insBenedict ParkField #4
14-Jun8:10pmD2: Wooden Spoon: Team Galaxy vs Skull CrushersBenedict ParkField #5