Coed Soccer Differences

Coed Soccer Differences

Below are some coed soccer differences, not intended to annoy or discourage anyone.  The pace of the game will be different.  Either slower or faster depending on the comparison.  The coed game should be less physical then either of the women’s soccer or men’s soccer matches.

Coed Soccer vs Women’s Soccer

The difference between playing adult coed match and the women soccer in Tempe or any other city in Arizona is quite distinct.  Generally speaking, the sport will be a bit faster giving a good challenge to the lady soccer players.  In the coed match it’s more about strategy over soccer skill for the women.  Learning how to cut down on the angles.  There are very skilled women soccer players in our league.  Many of them are better than most of the men.  Just making a general observation.

Coed Soccer vs Men’s Soccer

When talking about the difference between adult coed soccer and men’s soccer it’s almost the opposite.  The soccer match, although fast pace, might not be as quick as a normal men’s game.  The game is less physical because the sport is played differently.  Generally speaking, the soccer match should be less tense.  The coed game is designed to be more social than a normal men’s game.