Adult Coed Soccer Leagues in Phoenix, AZ

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Adult coed soccer league

The Phoenix Adult Soccer League was started in 2003 and offers coed adult soccer on Friday nights, primarily in Tempe but also Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert and other surrounding cities.   The goal of our Tempe based soccer league is to bring a casual, fun experience on Friday nights so people can start their weekend off right.  The soccer experience varies between the casual player and some skilled soccer players. Join our men soccer and women soccer players.

Free Agent form

Latino Gang soccer captain and player

Soccer Free Agents

Whether you’re a newcomer to the sport of soccer or a skilled futbol player, if you’re looking to become part of the league, look no further. Simply click on the link below, and it will seamlessly guide you to our soccer free agent page.  Free Agent form

Coed Soccer Golden Boot Award

At the end of the season we award the Golden Boot, an award in soccer for the most goals scored, to the individual that has the most scores.  This is almost as prestigious as the World Cup Golden Boot award! 


Playing soccer is a physical sport.  We try to avoid the physical contact involved in soccer but players still get hurt.  The Tempe soccer league only has liability coverage which covers the city, we do not provide full medical coverage for our soccer players.  We strongly suggest each soccer player find suitable insurance before playing the game.

Everyone needs to sign a waiver before playing. (PASL Waiver)

Soccer Jerseys

In order to enhance the cohesion and tracking process on the field, it’s essential for each futbol team to don matching soccer jerseys complete with individual numbers on the back. This mandatory requirement not only fosters a sense of unity but also plays a pivotal role in assisting our certified soccer referees in accurately monitoring the Golden Boot goals.


Soccer Jersey Page

Soccer League Payments

Our league offers several ways for soccer players to make their payments.  Our primary method for collecting the soccer fees is using PayPal at our online store.  If you desire, we also accept Venmo and the old school method of cash or checks.


There are some rules we request our soccer players follow.  Therefore, we created a page to outline some women soccer league player and men soccer player responsibilities and expectations.  Please take a few moments to look over the webpage and let the soccer league know if you have any questions.  Click here: Soccer Player responsibilities

coed soccer team, Latino Gang FC

Soccer Team Captains

We’ve put together an informative web page tailored to our men or women soccer players.  These resources are intended to assist you in locating suitable soccer jerseys, understanding fundamental rules, and clarifying expectations.  Soccer Captain’s Information


Get ready to embark on the paperwork adventure of the century! We’ve got some delightfully quirky soccer forms lined up, ready for our players and captains to tackle with a grin. It’s a bit like crossing a goal line, but with pens and signatures instead of soccer balls!

PASL Waiver


Rules Coed Soccer League